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TruLaser 5040 fiber

1 (1).jpg

        This machine is capable of processing

            - Non-ferrous metals with nitrogen

            - Film-coated sheets

        This machine cuts extremely quickly, and even more so                  when the metal is thin

        This machine can perform maximum accuracy bends, even          with thicker materials


        This machine has the capability to perform a radius bend              with double sheet.


Source: TRUMPF Group

Source: TRUMPF Group

Here is more information about this model, if you would like to see a list of it's full capabilities. 

Here are a few videos of our laser at work. 

At Fabricating Solutions we use one laser cutting machine, which like the bending machines is also a Trumpf product. Bellow we have some information on the machine, as well as some photos and videos of what can be done with this machine.

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